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Television Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55

Television Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55


261 500 AMD

Ultra HD 4K-3840x2160


Smart TV - Yes

Diagonal - 55"

Matrix frequency - 60 Hz

Operating System - Android

Mouse+Keyboard Connection - Yes

Voice Control - Yes

Smartphone Control - Yes

Width - 1234.9 mm

Height - 782.2 mm

Depth - 285.3 mm

Weight - 11.7 kg

Xiaomi Mi TV P1 55 ELA4616GL is a 4K TV that will give amazing picture detail and color depth. The model has very thin frames on three sides, and they will not distract you from viewing. The TV supports Dolby Vision ® and HDD 10+ technologies, thanks to which the darkest and lightest areas of the picture differ in sharpness and contrast. The image is clear, rich and incredibly realistic. The TV is controlled by a convenient Android TV system. It gives access to a huge number of movies, videos and broadcasts. The built-in memory of 16 GB will allow you to install various programs and download content. The TV has received MIMO technology, which automatically inserts additional frames into content with a low frame rate. Due to this, the gap of the image on the screen is eliminated.